Herbal Garden

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Mehta Vidyalaya in K.G Marg, Delhi, has successfully established a Herbal Garden, enhancing the educational and environmental aspects of the school. This initiative offers a holistic approach to education, covering science, environmental awareness, health, and community engagement, fostering a deeper understanding of herbs through hands-on learning. Integrated into mindfulness and outdoor education programs, the garden promotes sustainable practices like composting and organic gardening, instilling environmental responsibility. Students actively participate in various engaging herbal garden activities conducted by school Herbal Garden Clubsuch as quizzes, presentations, and creative projects gaining valuable skills and knowledge about nutritional and medicinal benefitsfoster a holistic learning experience.Teachers integrate Science, Mathematics, Language, and Art into garden-related activities, promoting interdisciplinary education. Herbal garden is utilized in Home Science cooking classes, encouraging culinary skills. The project aims to instill scientific knowledge, a scientific attitude, creativity, and problem-solving skillsemphasizing the educational significance of herbal gardens.