Psychology Lab

The Psychology Lab is used for teaching, consultancy, activities, and conducting practical tests. Understanding the scientific method through direct application is an important aspect of scientific literacy. Psychology Lab and its activities are designed to provide a better understanding of the subject and its applications to students.


Students are able to carry out cognitive and psycho-psychological investigations. It gives students to enhance their psychological methods and analysis as well as experience complex psychological research to have a better understanding of the subject. It allows psychology students to collect data from human participants using the same resources as professional psychologists.


Practical classes are allocated as per the CBSE guidelines and requirements. Entire curriculum is divided month wise to give ample time to students to prepare case studies and work on various projects, as assigned to them. Students are divided into small groups to carry out various group activities and role plays. Sitting arrangements are made for better interactive sessions.


Students are trained for various psychological techniques, like case studies and clinical interview techniques, using multimedia aids and power point slides. Psychological tests and practical exams are administered and conducted in a student friendly professional environment.