Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Mehta Vidyayalaya library has always laid great emphasis on inculcating
the habit of reading in its students, right from the beginning.
Bhavan’s Mehta Vidyayalaya has combined library for the junior and senior classes. The library has a
collection of over 25,000 books which includes fiction and non-fiction of different genres, picture
books, bilingual Books, reference resources for students and teachers.
The libraries have sections ranging from text books and reference books to fiction and general
knowledge. Since the school aims at making learning a fun process, there is an assortment of books.
The library is an integral part of the student's learning process. Students are educated and trained to
select age and learner's level appropriate books, e-resources, magazines and journals to aid their
research and learning. The Library is the hallmark of collaborative learning and research cum
investigative activities by using computer with fast Internet access for both, the teachers and the
learners. The Library helps to feed the eager minds of the young students, by giving them the right
medium for knowledge and awareness, in the form of exciting and informative books and magazines.
Mr. Alok Agnihotri is a responsible Assistant librarian of the school Library, and takes great
pleasure and pride in helping the children to choose the right books for themselves. For the children’s
benefit, the Library also subscribes to children’s magazines such as Champak, Children’s Digest, and
Junior Science Refresher and Competitive exams magazines for senior classes also. Renowned works
of Fiction, Classics, Self Help Books, Science & Technology Periodicals, and Journals related to
history, culture, exploration along with selected local and national dailies will be housed here.
Bhavan’s Mehta Vidyayalaya library is fully automated library and using web based Integral software
for smooth functioning of library.