Kalanaipunya is a dream project of our principal Dr. Mrs. Anju Tandon it is based on skill

development. This is a project, which involves teaching different kinds of skills to the students right from the primary to the secondary level. Under this project the commerce and the fine art departments get together.

The fine arts department teaches various hands-on skills from recycled paper and other waste material, while some raw material is purchased. Artifacts like paper bags, Jewellery, paintings, Shagun envelops, Wax candles, pencil decorations, jute bags, fridge magnets, coasters etc. are taught by the Fine art department, which is marketed by the commerce department. During the online classes, the students are constantly learning various hands-on activities so, that they are equipped with skills to produce products for Kalanipunya project. Stalls have been set up on Various meetings, with homework display exhibition, Diwali, Christmas and at Sports Day, It is a very popular exhibition looked forward to by the students, parents and teachers alike.