Science Faculty

“I am among those who think that science has great beauty. A scientist in his laboratory is not only a technician, he is also a child placed before a natural phenomena which impress him like a fairytale” - Marie Curie

The Science faculty of the school is basically a multi-disciplinary department which includes four subjects namely Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Home Science. Its objective is to inculcate and enhance scientific as well as creative insight in students. The teachers of the faculty always strive towards excellence in the performance of students and imbibe the ethics and fundamentals of science in them. Through innovative and value based teaching the teachers also want to inculcate moral values in students. The members, especially of this faculty, motivate the novelty in the thought process of students. The teachers keep on updating themselves with the latest information in their respective fields and are able to guide the students in achieving their future aspirations in the proper way. Once Albert Einstein said ”Never memorise something that you look up to” and likewise the faculty doesn’t believe in the notion of simply mugging up studies and teaches students, practically in laboratories, under the guidance of able Lab Assistants and with the proper equipments. The faculty also conducts students’ counseling sessions from time to time. It conducts and participates in many events which includes field trips, excursions, science quiz, science debate and exhibitions of models. Guest speakers come to give lectures on various topics to correlate class room teaching with everyday life. The faculty doesn’t believe in only teaching students but inspiring them too.