Curriculum based Korean language program started on 12 April 2021 for the students of class VI. It is a prestigious program for a year where 40 students from four different sections of class 6 are enrolled to do the course. The course is completely free of cost and the books are provided by Korean cultural center. The classes are held thrice a week through zoom meetings and the evaluation is done online via Google form.

Hobby based Korean language Batch-1 started on 4 May 2021 for a total of 43 students from classes V and VI. The classes were held on zoom, thrice a week for a duration of 30 hours. The course included learning the basics of Korean Language and culture. Students were made aware of Korean National Symbols, Korean alphabet historical background, Korean Culture. Learning took place through games, fun activities and audio-visual teaching material.

Hobby based Korean language Batch-2 started on 10 November 2021. Total of 40 students from all sections of class VII are participating in it. It will be a 30 hour course where the Korean alphabet and basic grammar will be taught. Classes are held thrice a week through zoom meetings.

 Students feedback :-

  1. I am very excited to learn Korean language. We got a good teacher also. Sir explains everything in a very simple way which makes it easy for us to learn. Like he shared few videos and presentations which were funny yet educational. I would like to continue learning it.

___________ Parinishtha Paul 6-D

  1. I get to know new things about Korea. I learnt some Korean alphabets too and I am excited to learn more things about Korea. I loved learning Korean language.

__________ Purvi Lekhawar 6-C

Parents feedback:-

  1. I am very thankful to BVB Mehta Vidyalaya that it is providing us a great opportunity to learn a new language. I like this course very much. Content is very useful, understandable and will be definitely helpful for me in future. The course is a very good introduction to language itself. The basics we need to start speaking the Korean language. It is fun, learning with such an amazing teacher who teaches us in very polite way. I am really happy that I took this course.

_________________ Parent of Soumil Bains 6-D.

  1. My child always always wanted to learn Korean. So, I want to thank BVB for giving this opportunity to my child. The teacher is so nice and cool the teacher makes it easy to learn Korean. Now, my child knows so much about Korea and she really like these Korean classes.

________________ Parent of Yukta Meena 6-A.

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Korean Hobby Classes